Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Zara Woody at Boxbird Gallery-Brighton

Ah yes. Sweet deja-vu.
It seems like every action I do recently seems to be introduced with the same apology of lateness-once again I blame it rather predictably on the summer.
A quick note just to say unfortunately I can't direct anyone to this show as it's now passed but I thought it was still a good post to include if you're not already familiar with Woody's work.
I find it hard to articulate why I develop a penchant for an illustrator at times, however I know immediately why i just love Zara Wood's work.
It's her joyful intricate characters, always coupled with an element of nature and the simplicity that draws me in, her show at Boxbird Gallery in Brighton also explored into the 3d.
Her little dioramas created in beautiful vintage boxes were a delight and also may have given me inspiration for the medium I want to work in for my summer project.
Check out her website here:
Oh and also I have a feeling Sam Chivers has now taken over the gallery space. go check it out, here is the website for more details.

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