Monday, 14 December 2009

Brighton Guerrilla Art Market

I came, i saw, i ate blue cheese and spinach quiche and drank very potent mulled wine.
One of my favourite high points from the weekend was when I managed to do some sneaky swaps last thing on the sunday, I am very pleased with my Tote bag from Bella Clarke, Screen print from the P!nch and my benjamin Phillips Prints.
If you didn't turn up, you missed out!

Linocut xmas cards

I am the queen of procrastination.
I spent about a month sweating about what to create for the Brighton Guerrilla Art Market I had signed up to but managed to knock these up a couple of days before the actual event.
I sometimes forget how lucky I am to have such amazing print facilities at my disposal at University.
I feel a revival coming on, there is something distinctly satisfying about the processes involved with lino printing and I have to say I am quite happy with my little Xmas cards.
I've bought my first class stamps on my milk, bread and wine run this afternoon and the left over card stock is being sent off tomorrow morning to family and friends! :)

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Lanther, rinse, repeat.

Oh the hours of fun and procrastination from one crappy sketchbook page.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

New blog!

For those who might be interested I've started a new blog for a project at university.
We were given a brief titled Print is Dead asking us to imagine ourselves in a world without printed media and to tackle the task of not only creating illustrations but also the 'vessels' that would communicate that image to our demographic.
I decided to piece together a zine that was a journal of my at times bleak life at Harrow-on-the-hill and I've just set up what will be the online counterpart- my beautiful new blog!
Go check it out.
It's going to like a viral rough sketchbook featuring photographs, observational drawings and the occasional musing, here is a small taster.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Guerrilla Art Market 2009

Me and my sister Emily are running a stall at the Brighton Guerrilla Art Market this year.
Very excited about sharing space with lots of Brighton illustrators and artists, i am planning to spend the whole weekend stuffing myself with mince pies and trying to make friends!
I'm hoping to have some prints, badges and canvas bags there and the other side of the stall will be literally stuffed full of Emily's wonderful creations.
Also there will be an exhibition running from the private viewing on the 3rd of December til the 12th with the theme of Hungry like the wolf which promises to be amazing too.
So come along and say hi!
Here are the facebook pages for the exhibition and market

wolf who cried Boy.

Hold on to your socks.
I have done some work!
This in itself is actually a lie because these are drawings completed over the summer but I've just had a bit of a mad scanning in and Photoshop session in the university library which I count as work so I feel justified at feeling proud with myself.
These are a bit of a taster of final pieces to come so I shall wait til i have them all ready before I fully explain the idea behind the drawings but these are an amalgamation of a print project, my personal work and work hopefully contributing to the Guerrilla Art Market this year in Brighton.
Watch this creative space :)

Monday, 31 August 2009

Presciption Art Gallery

It's always exciting when new galleries seem to pop out of nowhere.
Especially as now I'm spending most of my days in London, when I do get a chance to visit I'm always looking out for new shops, cafes and art spaces.
Prescription Gallery has set up camp in the beautiful old music library in Brighton, just opposite the Pavilion.
These photographs are a little old but a week ago it looked like they were installing a new show so I'm eagerly anticipating what new visual treats they have in store.

Worthing and Arundel Open Houses.

Hello. It's been so long since i've blogged. I've been brooding under a little grey cloud of heartbreak for the last few months so I'm finally catching up.
Here is some of the artwork and beautiful homes I saw around the open houses of my home town Worthing over the summer.
Blue skies and creative times are a coming!