Sunday, 9 May 2010

Plenty more fish in the sea..

Here are some of my ideas for a poster project at university based around the set word resistance.
I was thinking about how difficult it can be going against the tide at times and the normal hum drum pace and direction of every day life.
I wanted a decorate piece but also a representation of the struggle of upstream swimming.
This is actually the prototype but I ended up preferring it to the actual final image so i did a swaperoo and this is now the finished piece.
Or should i say FIN-ished piece. Admit it, that was hilarious.

New blog by Kimberly Kay Taylor

My best friend Kim has created an amazing new blog: Drawer Obscura.
It explores the relationship between artists and their cameras, be it professional or purely recreational.
An informative exploration between the two artistic disciplines of drawing and photographing and how they can intergrate and crossover with thoughtful questions and beautifully captured portraits.
And the best thing about the blog apart from the chance to see my cheeky face is Kim's illustrations of a wide range of cameras. That girl can draw like Stevie wonder can sing and i love her.


This means four important things!
Trips to the seaside, outdoor cake eating, buying junk from carboot sales to draw and clutter my bedroom and bike rides on my beautiful beautiful new bike.