Saturday, 13 March 2010

The Tiny illustration.

Here is an illustration I created for Amelia's magazine for a review of the Swedish band The Tiny.
Check out the interesting review here and click here for the groups myspace page- they are good!

Friday, 12 March 2010

Deer me.

P.s I want to draw more animals.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

One Bird Records Exhibition.

A good friend of a friend recently set up a brand new record company and had a launch party to celebrate the birth of One Bird Records check out their facebook page here.
Running parallel to the launch party they curated an exhibition that was themed from iconic record cover reinterpretations.
I created an illustration for them based on the self titled 1976 album by the Ramones. I basically combined my two loves of drawing people and doodling!

Illustrations for Emily.

It's march again so that means all other worldly affairs pale into insignificance for the upcoming birthday of my sister, Emily.
I have a sneaky plan for a birthday present I can't disclose publicly but she will also be expecting a birthday illustration, I uncovered her drawn present from a couple of years back.
I created a collection of 3 portraits of Emily surrounded by her great loves and favourite hobbies but with an Alice in Wonderland twist.
I've moved away from my jagged edged biro style of illustration since then but I want to create something similar this year so I am racking my brain for a good theme....

Best Fancy dress costume ever

I've resolved that I really need to post more photographs on my blog, I do take a ridiculous amount just to sit collecting digital dust on my shambolic laptop.
Eloise my flatmate had a Noah's arc party recently and instead of showing you my pitiful zebra costume here are my good friends David and Phoebe dressed as the rainbow- they stole the show and I love this photo so much I am sorely tempted to turn it into a cheeky illustration very soon..

New Amelia Illustration.

Just a small illustration for the listings page for the Urban Craft Club that takes place in the North Library just near to Upper Holloway tube station.
Check out the original listing here on Amelia's Magazine.

Bristol Trip.

I went to Bristol recently with my family because we have relatives in Weston-super-mare.
Apart from being a bit of a concrete jungle, I actually liked the city, obviously not to live in!
But the wandering around exploring part was fun and keeping an eager eye out for Banksy was a definite added bonus.