Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Good things come in threes.

I was just pondering about putting up three posts in one day when I stumbled across these images on an old memory stick lurking in my drawer.
My favourite program on windows is tucked away in accessories. Paint is one of the main reasons I won't switch to mac. (plus the fact I don't have a spare grand floating around in my bank account).
I still love doodling away when waiting for something to load on the computer (often on a pc) and due to the distracted state I'm usually in when creating, the drawings tend to be quite telling of my subconscious.
Here is a terrifying peek into the mind of my former self at about the age of13.
I don't think I've ever seen such an example of the bizarre mood swings experienced in puberty as good as this.
All these pictures properly crease me up.

Bad Habits.

The day had to come when i grew weary of my noir lifestyle and and with trembling fingers reach for my very neglected watercolours and crayons deep in the dark recesses of my art box.
Hah, this is clearly my first rendezvous with colour for some time but strangely my poor understanding of contrasting colours and what not was somehow liberating.
Also not staying within the lines with a crayon gives me wonderful flashbacks of that first rebellious moments from childhood.
In a nutshell, these are technically rubbish but i enjoy them.
p.s Yes I know I should stop drawing lots of floating heads but I enjoy that too.
Please, one stupid habit to deal with at a time.

New prints

I promise the next post will not include any of the following words:
Procrastination, frittering, setback, lingering, dawdling, discontinuation etc
OR the following words if they are in the following conjunction:
These illustrations could be better if i had more time.
These were done in a blind panic with a week to go to start and finish my print project for a university deadline.
Although I'm happy with the outcome, they came out a little smudgy due to them all being printed at home with homemade acetate stencils and lino cuts.
Based on that previous wolfgirl illustration, it's a twist on the Aesop fable; Boy who cried wolf.
I simplified down the design to make it more agreeable with the process of lino printing and put together a little tale of anguish and revenge.
The below images aren't quite in a linear narrative as the finished item was a fold out book so I just selected some of my favourite panels and put them in order as best as I could.
I will upload some photos of the final piece when I receive it back from assessment!