Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Misery Loves Company.

I really can't jutisfy this collection of doodles with an artistic justification.
Lets just say that when in doubt do what you know best!
It's hideously obvious but I just love drawing girls. Hopefully this procrastination will pass soon and I will start my summer project...
Oh go on then maybe one more face...

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Zara Woody at Boxbird Gallery-Brighton

Ah yes. Sweet deja-vu.
It seems like every action I do recently seems to be introduced with the same apology of lateness-once again I blame it rather predictably on the summer.
A quick note just to say unfortunately I can't direct anyone to this show as it's now passed but I thought it was still a good post to include if you're not already familiar with Woody's work.
I find it hard to articulate why I develop a penchant for an illustrator at times, however I know immediately why i just love Zara Wood's work.
It's her joyful intricate characters, always coupled with an element of nature and the simplicity that draws me in, her show at Boxbird Gallery in Brighton also explored into the 3d.
Her little dioramas created in beautiful vintage boxes were a delight and also may have given me inspiration for the medium I want to work in for my summer project.
Check out her website here:
Oh and also I have a feeling Sam Chivers has now taken over the gallery space. go check it out, here is the website for more details.

Sketchbook Doodles 2.

I quite enjoyed uploading the last set of doodles from my sketchbook, I think the simple scanning and uploading process appealed to my lazy summer existence, so I decided to keep it as a regular feature on this blog.
It's always good to get some feedback on the rawest stage of my work so I can tweak with guidance.
Having said that, most of these pages are completed in a zombie like state in front of the television with my book balanced on my knees, usually in danger of being dribbled on as I whittle away my life infront of E4 for hours at a end.
So please let that be an explanation for the very messy and at times surreal drawings below.
Think of it, if you will, as a glimpse in to my subconscious.
I imagine most of these little doodles are destined to stay doodles forever, tucked away in my sketchbook but you never know what could be used for a final design idea later on...

Friday, 17 July 2009

Amelia's Magazine Shelter card quilt.

With the distraction of summer my attention over this once dearly loved blog has evaporated (momentarily).
And if only I could say the same about the copious amounts of cider than can always be located in a rather large receptacle in my hand!
Nope, I have managed to drink a fair sized orchards worth of cider so far this summer and squander every hour that could have been donated to a creative cause on.... I'm not overall sure. It's all a sunny kind of blur but there are 2 things I can be certain of.
Cider and mini milks were definitely present.

But before I can be judged too harshly I can say that has been definitely one highlight so far and that has been entering a competition set up by Amelia's Magazine.
Have a look at the website here if you've never visited, its fabulous for inspiration and tip offs for upcoming talented new artists.
Nothing like a competition to kick you up the arse and get those creative juices flowing!
Amelia was asked to contribute to the Shelter art exhibition to help raise awareness for their current campaign, she was given the two of hearts card to design and instead of tackling this independently she decided to make it an open brief.
With a collection of her favourite entries sent in for the competition she plans to piece them all together to make a patchwork quilt of the illustrations all depicting the two of hearts.
I was really excited, surprised and pleased to have my design chosen and I'm looking forward to (hopefully!) attending the exhibition and seeing my design with all the other illustrators contributions.
My design never made it to the facebook page (possibly to do with my very close to the deadline timing!) but have a peek at the other designs, some are just simply wonderful and it's great to see such a diverse collection of styles.

Here is my entry, I do feel a bit regretful because I was hoping to experiment this time around but ended up short of time and doing just what i know best, so I felt like I was being a bit safe but I can't grumble over the result!
Next time i will give myself more time and try working out of my comfort zone. Evil evil mini milks.