Sunday, 11 April 2010

My new blog: Book Illustration club.

Enough of bigging up Kim's blog, we've all gone a bit blog crazy at university!
We had a self defined project and I decided to create something that combined my two loves, books and illustration.
I originally wanted to create a real book club but decided it would reach a wider audience if I went online and it would be easier to present information and artwork on a blog that people could follow and submit work to.
The idea is to set a different book each month that people would read and then redesign the front cover.
I'll post a brief history of the book, previous published front covers, classic to contemporary and my own attempts at re-imagining the book jacket.
Get involved! This month: H G Wells, The Invisible Man.
This was the last book I read and I really enjoyed it, I thought it would be fun because it's a fairly short novel and has a lot of topics to get knee deep in and have a go at making art to represent the story.
Here is a link to my Book illustration Club.
Here are my attempts to re-imagine the front cover to the sci-fi classic. I wanted to put a contemporary illustration spin on it, making the images colourful, playful and simplistic. Having fun playing around with visual imagery to do with escape, freedom and vision.