Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Sketchbook Doodles 2.

I quite enjoyed uploading the last set of doodles from my sketchbook, I think the simple scanning and uploading process appealed to my lazy summer existence, so I decided to keep it as a regular feature on this blog.
It's always good to get some feedback on the rawest stage of my work so I can tweak with guidance.
Having said that, most of these pages are completed in a zombie like state in front of the television with my book balanced on my knees, usually in danger of being dribbled on as I whittle away my life infront of E4 for hours at a end.
So please let that be an explanation for the very messy and at times surreal drawings below.
Think of it, if you will, as a glimpse in to my subconscious.
I imagine most of these little doodles are destined to stay doodles forever, tucked away in my sketchbook but you never know what could be used for a final design idea later on...


  1. Rosalie these are amaaaazing.
    You must have a very lovely swirly brain! x

  2. yes! Swirly indeed.
    Thanks for your kind words! x