Friday, 10 May 2013

Weather: It's rain or shine

It's undeniably a natural product from working in a shop, but I love weather talk. I love the British relationship with it, our eternal optimism and general wistful whimsy when it comes to terrible weather. Every year the same unseasonable rain and cold and yet it always takes us by the surprise. 
It is May but the skies are thunderous and grey, leaves are being blown off trees like it's Autumn, this is nothing new but it is all I can think and speak about...Hurry up Summer.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Open house season begins

It's no secret that I love Open House hunting in Brighton. It always feels like a hunt once you have your trail map in front of you, getting lost in suburbia, craning your neck from left to right to see if you can spot a glimpse of that tell tale bunting and Open House banner. It's such a celebration of home grown talent and I'm always thrilled to see such a wide range of artists, materials and subject matter showcasing. Oh and did I mention there is always an abundance of cake? Here is the AOH website for my details, they run on weekends for the entirety of May. Here is a peek of my first venture into the Fiveways Trail- recommended! 

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Fringe Time

Starting off the Fringe in true quirky Brighton style. The Clock tower being covered in donated clothes from it's own city residents is actually a commissioned piece of work by Finnish artist Kaarina Kaikkonen. The Clock Tower will remain dressed for the duration of the Fringe and if you're curious to know and see more from Kaikkonen; she is also exhibiting currently at Fabrica Gallery, click here for more details.