Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Just a quick reminder that my favourite Brighton Craft Market is occurring again this Saturday 15th June. It's completely free and occupying the Fabrica Gallery, a prime location to wander in and peruse the crafty wares if you're in and about Brighton. I've never managed to visit this market without snapping up something original and lovely. Also, the clever girls behind Craftaganza have a fantastic 'Meet The Seller' feature currently on their website, which is really interesting to find out more about the designers behind the stalls and how they originally began their craft and trade. Check it out here. Recommended! 

Monday, 10 June 2013

Jeff Koons at the Brighton Museum

I'm forever grumbling that Brighton has a distinct lack of big artists exhibiting in our town, so you can imagine that this latest show has appeased my disapproval no end! You don't get much bigger than Koons and although small in space, it's definitely worthy of a visit to check out. Running completely free until the 8th September at the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery, visit their website for visitor information here

Things I miss about London

Things I miss about London. The noise? No. The pollution? No. Being squashed and pushed into sweaty underarms on the underground? NO.
The amazing and beautiful street art decorating walls across the whole city? Yes yes yes.
Emily and I went up for her birthday recently and here are some of East London's current and finest pieces.

Pencil Doodles

Happiness is a scrap of paper and a newly sharpened HB pencil.
And tea and biscuits. Obviously. 

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Runner's woe

I've hurt my left leg and it means my running has had to take a hiatus while it gets better. I'm so impatient. I ran 3 miles yesterday but I had to take it easy and it just wasn't as fun as it normally is. Come on legs, don't let me down. In the meanwhile, drawing will always be the next best cathartic activity for me. I will always have lazy bones under this flesh.