Monday, 25 November 2013

Made Brighton

Yes I am a living, breathing stereotype. I live In Brighton, I amble around in scruffy converse, I dedicate an unsettling amount of time on my fringe, I can't walk past a cat without trying to stroke it, I went to art school, I like crafts fairs. Hi. It's in my blood.

But don't get me wrong, the craft fair can cover a very wide spectrum of talent. And that's my nice way of saying that, at your average crafty event, its fair to say that you are likely to stumble across a bit of rubbish. And that's okay. This is life. We can't like everything, it would be boring if we found our cup of tea in literally everything we looked at. Well we wouldn't get very far away from our houses.

But here lies my belated point. Made Brighton is NOT your average craft fair. Nope. This is not the time to be nebulous about the word craft. Beautiful ceramics, exquisite jewellery, crisp graphic design... It's another level. It's a long and weathered relationship between material and maker. It's creativity and skill. In harmony. In abundance.

And you get a free tote bag.... I'm such a cheap thrill. I'm not going to rattle off a long list of all the brilliant makers exhibiting from this year, go look for yourself here. Only a shout out to my pick of the bunch because god knows I'm a sucker for letterpress printing done this well. Clare Somerville-Perkins is the clever cookie behind asintended who created that lovely screen printed felt pennant, I treated myself to, photographed below.

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