Wednesday, 20 January 2010

New prints

I promise the next post will not include any of the following words:
Procrastination, frittering, setback, lingering, dawdling, discontinuation etc
OR the following words if they are in the following conjunction:
These illustrations could be better if i had more time.
These were done in a blind panic with a week to go to start and finish my print project for a university deadline.
Although I'm happy with the outcome, they came out a little smudgy due to them all being printed at home with homemade acetate stencils and lino cuts.
Based on that previous wolfgirl illustration, it's a twist on the Aesop fable; Boy who cried wolf.
I simplified down the design to make it more agreeable with the process of lino printing and put together a little tale of anguish and revenge.
The below images aren't quite in a linear narrative as the finished item was a fold out book so I just selected some of my favourite panels and put them in order as best as I could.
I will upload some photos of the final piece when I receive it back from assessment!

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