Monday, 1 June 2009

Sketchbook Doodles

Sometimes the best way to build yourself up to a final piece illustration is to think visually rather than just pondering away all in your head.
I find by just doodling away in your sketchbook can really reveal some little gems in your subconscious and you never know what might look aesthetically appealing until you try it.
Of course this means a lot of rubbish too but even the work that doesn't look great can be helpful too.
One day I might be brave enough to scan in all the other terrible drawings in my sketchbook, i have a huge collection and the blog might be titled; How not to illustrate!
But it's all about trial and error and here are some rough sketches scanned in straight from my sketchbook which i thought were okay and I might expand upon in the future.
It might be interesting to see these raw ideas now and see what they could be turned into.
(Click on any images to see them enlarged).

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