Thursday, 14 May 2009

Kid Acne- First London solo show @ Stelladore.

Hah, now I'm getting to grips with creating blogs there will be no stopping me waxing lyrical at every opportunity about every show I've stumbled across and fallen in love with.
I first stumbled across Kid acne's artwork in Sheffield visiting a friend, she showed me a locally run magazine called NOW THEN and i was immediately taken by his graffiti based illustrations heavily stylised with cute girls and animal characters.
A T-shirt, a website peek and a few other magazine cut outs later and I'm an avid fan and was delighted to learn about his first London solo show Smoke and Mirrors at Gallery Stelladore in Old street.
It was an impressive exhibition with huge figures, screen prints, printed fabrics and even used pizza boxes being used as canvases.
I was so glad i had a chance to attend and I'm keeping my eyes peeled for his most recent zine that was launched parallel to this show and keeping my fingers crossed i might even be able to spot a bit of original street art somewhere around London!


  1. ROSALIE! Hurray! More people need to use blogger. You should post some of your own art. :]

  2. Yes yes I agree, I enjoy your lovely drawings muchly :) x

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  4. ah wicked, so glad you got to see the kid acne show, twas a good'un
    x pam x